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Bleak / Crowhurst - Ltd. split pro cassette /// ltd. to 100 copies

Strictly limited tape edition, designed to be sold by the artists at shows, with 1/2 the pressing available from us here. Think of it as a precursor-amuse bouche to the upcoming & much-anticipated Songs For Cowards 12" EP by Bleak, Syracuse NY's most exciting dark, heavy, sludge-grind-groove masters, a band we knew we had to work with upon first sight/hearing, now reunited with their original vocalist King Watzzo. Please note that these are different versions of these songs than the ones that appear on the Bleak self-titled digital album & CDr. Bleak's excellent tracks are for this split married with a haunting, blackened sound collage from Crowhurst, a Los Angeles-based noise artist at his peak of creative mojo. Couldn't be happier to offer these handsome pro-press tapes, in shell-color options of silver or white.


Long Distance Poison /// Twin Lights cassette, ltd. 100

Prison Tatt Records presents our second release with this vital, Brooklyn-based electronic combo. As well known supporters of their work (myself having written liner notes for three LP releases, as well as recording Side B of this cassette), we've watched LDP evolve to new levels of creating thoughtfully composed, long-form synth "symphonies," much in the style of our 70s heroes; mindful music, that takes you on a journey with both gentle and arresting persuasion. It's noise, but it's not "noise," it's synthesizer music but raucously alive, vibrant and never static.

Side A finds Long Distance Poison in approaching terrain to their newest LP Human Program, in that the duo of Cearley and Bradbury have arrived at a glorious and tempered compositional coherence and focus. Side B was recorded live in 2012 at the now-defunct and much-beloved Death By Audio, and finds LDP at their most haunting; an eerie piece that recalls Saucerful of Secrets / More-era Pink Floyd, with doors of frequency and timbre opening and closing all around the listener. These are pro-pressed cassettes, in an edition of 100 with excellent sound quality on chrome tape.


Stinger /// self-titled demo cassette, ltd. 200

Prison Tatt Records is thrilled to present the first demo from home-state based (NJ) evil thrashers Stinger. One live set was all it took to make the sale for us; to experience their fierceness, combining roots in early Kreator, Sodom, Venom, and Terrorizer with an unyielding 2/4, and wild, contemporary dark-punk energy. Stinger are our favorite live local band of the moment, and their demo pounds and rages, especially with the compression and analog joys that the cassette format provides. Five songs, same program on both sides, tapes come in solid white and clear, smoky-brown shells.


Funeral Art - Cultus Tenebrarum IX annorum cassette /// ltd. to 100 copies

~90 minutes of music! Covering nine years of work by this wholly original, Guatemalan black-metal-art project. Moments of ruin, the cries of the dead & cursed, lush piano arpeggios weaving arcane melody, crisp acoustic guitars, and crackling-electric guitars, harsh male vocal, and soaring, melodious female vocals. Like no other band in the world. Prison Tatt Records is very proud to release this great collection, a combination of brand new work and classic selections from Funeral Art. Tapes available in gold, pink, smoke and black shells, triple gatefold f/c insert. Compiled by Lord Marbas & PTR.


Malemort - Individualism, Narcissism, Hedonism CS /// ltd. to 100 copies

Outstanding, underground doom-metal from Rouen; a hovering, anguished, raw, French nightmare-take reminiscent of beloved acts like Highgate and Corruption, with an impressive pedigree, including current/former members of Sordide, Ataraxie, and Monarch. Four blistering songs, to peel the paint off your flat walls, just under 60 mins. of music. Prison Tatt Records presents this limited audio-cassette of the band's debut, with a glossy, double-foldout insert. Edition of 100. Tape & digital album available Aug. 16, to coincide with Malemort's release show, at le Gibus Live, Paris, with Cough, Monarch, and Witchthroat Serpent.

"...this album is the most stunningly powerful, staggeringly horrific, blindingly apocalyptic doom album I’ve heard this year, and it has few peers in any year." —No Clean Singing [full review]


Spiteful Womb - Final Pageant CS /// ltd. to 100 copies

We're very proud to present this latest work from Spiteful Womb; an absolutely eerie, personal, and enveloping journey of noise and collaged sound. On a par with the artist's finest recordings/releases to date, perhaps the best we've heard. Pure terror, soul-haunting death worship. Four pieces, spread over two sides of a 30-min. audio cassette. 100 pressed; comes in purple or white shells; please choose option when ordering. Best enjoyed at night and by candlelight, or in complete darkness. Stream in full below.


Yellow Eyes - Stillicide CS /// ltd. to 100 copies



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