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Please note: Prison Tatt Records is currently NOT ACCEPTING DEMOS.
We are already overcommitted into 2018.

That said, if you just want us to hear your stuff, we are always in the search for great new music, but please do not consider any submissions made at this time to be "submissions for release." We cannot stress strongly enough, that even though we might say "we like it," this does not mean that we can realistically release your work any time soon.

Prison Tatt Records has released limited-edition, one-sided and full vinyl LPs & EPs, compact discs, cassettes, 7"s, and CD-Rs.

We are neither a "noise label" nor a "metal label," not by the expected definitions or protocols. The eclecticism that falls under the banner of "extreme" sounds, horror films, anger and nihilism, opposition to authority, notions of self-destruction and despair, and most importantly, the mind-fuck that is escapism by way of one's most-favored music, are all on the table as aesthetic guidelines. Our aim is to cover "head music" and "hard music" with equivalent enthusiasm.

All inquiries, including those regarding wholesale sales, music submissions, etc. should be directed to prisontatt@. We do not ever plan to release cassette tapes, though we also never say "never." We are always eager to hear good, new music that may have a place in the Prison Tatt universe. A release with Prison Tatt means long-term support for the artist on many levels; we're proud of our artist roster, and it's not a relationship we enter into lightly.

Prison Tatt also supports the plight of the American prisoner, and, especially with non-violent offenders, does not believe that a jail sentence should ever include assault, rape, or other forms of dehumanization. Should the label ever blossom into a booming enterprise, we plan to patronize charities that aim to better the living conditions of our men and women inside, as well as advocate new consideration for the wrongly imprisoned.

Here is a list of our existing and projected projects, subject to change, and in no specific release order ---

Telecult Powers /// Advanced Course in Hoodootronix LP
Grasshopper /// Calling All Creeps one-sided LP SOLD OUT
T.O.M.B. /// Xesse one-sided LP SOLD OUT
OPPONENTS /// Together We Will End The Future digipak CD
KILT /// Kitchen Sorcery digipak CD
Husere Grav /// Myths one-sided LP
C. Lavender /// Psychic Warfare one-sided LP
Sesso Violento /// Pacificador one-sided LP SOLD OUT
Dhampyr /// White Fire Laudanum digipak CD
Isa Christ /// one-sided LP
Creeplings /// Scritch / Aycayia one-sided LP
Rust Worship /// Make Me Cry one-sided LP
Ives /// Abandon o/s LP (hard-hitting USBM; 2010 CS demo first time on vinyl!)
Demonologists /// s/t, one-sided LP
Long Distance Poison /// The Bog Nebula one-sided LP
Moloch (Ukr) /// Depressive Black Metal Plague one-sided LP
Glass Coffin (Josh Lay) /// Haunted by the Ghosts of the Damned one-sided LP last copies
Lord Time /// Forgotten Future one-sided LP (remaster / deluxe reissue of 2010 CS!)
Chaos*Majik /// Telestic Madness—Majikal Musick LP
Existence In Decline (Anthony Saunders)/// Non-Conformance and Corrective Action one-sided LP
Haare /// Rautapilvi one-sided LP SOLD OUT
Tomhet /// Caliginous LP (Canadian one-man black metal & ambient mastermind; our first full LP)
Kavra /// Nekuon Kataethneoton 12" EP (black metal from the Yucatan, Mexico)
The Communion /// A Desired Level of Unease one-sided LP SOLD OUT
Bob Bellerue /// Butcher's Broom (Health remix) LP
Wretched Worst /// Worse Than Jail LP
OPPONENTS /// Telepathic Times LP
Sesso Violento /// Molestador one-sided LP
Nuit Noire /// A Beautiful Belief one-sided LP last copies
Spettro Family /// The Tenant From Hell 7" EP
NRIII /// The Algea LP
Sentenced For Life /// Cold On The Blue LP (from Australia; remaster / reissue of intense, confrontational solo noise CS masterpiece)
Smoke /// Het Laatste Oordeel one-sided LP
Malkuth /// Tamahprabha LP
Yellow Eyes /// one-sided LP SOLD OUT
Bleak /// one-sided LP
Death Factory /// Nocturnal Dimension LP w/ bonus CDr
Bondage (Peru) /// LP
Moloch (Ukr) /// Humane Too Sheeps reissue LP
Intolerant /// Snow Stained With the Blood of Traitors CD; The CS collection remastered
Vesicus /// Magi: Within The Sigil Of Kia (2010 tape reissue on vinyl)
Jackie Ransom /// Final Exposure 12" EP reissue
Stinger /// Stinger s/t demo CS
Spiteful Womb /// Final Pageant CS
Malemort /// Individualism, Narcissism, Hedonism CS
True Love / Thy Dying Light /// split LP
Human Bodies / Leather Chalice /// split 7"
Black Whispers /// Essence of Nothingness 7"
Black Whispers /// Shades of Bleakness CD
Bleak / Crowhurst /// split CS
Funeral Art /// Cultus Tenebrarum IX annorum CS
The Black Scorpio Underground /// Necrochasm LP
Long Distance Poison /// Twin Lights CS









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